Gloria Gelo is a Calgary based visual artist working in encaustic, acrylic, mixed media and most recently cold wax and oil. Her contemporary and minimalist approach reflects her love of nature and the organic, yet at times ethereal elements they behold. She sends the viewer on a journey of a place or time where their imagination lingers, then fills in the blanks. Her freedom of movement, colour combinations and composition, along with an intuitive approach balance her work beautifully.


After many years of not painting it was time to pick up the brushes again. All I ever wanted was to become an artist. I studied fine art in college, but choices in life took me in different directions, yet all of them allowed me to remain creative in some way. I managed to be creative where creativity wasn’t always appreciated, and each journey has helped shape who I am. I believe that life leads you to who and where you need to be and mine led me through many paths that ultimately came full circle to where my heart has always been, an artist.

I prefer to keep my work light and clean. I am a minimalist by nature and it comes through in my work. I strive for layers of transparency and balance, looking for unique compositions that captivate the viewer.

My current portfolio explores the beauty of nature, the fluidity of line, the boldness or softness of color and the layered images that emerge through my work. I am lucky to live within a backdrop of natural splendor, capturing moments that create tranquility. I am continually exploring new ways to express myself and the world around me. My intent is to make art that makes people smile, reflect and recall moments in their lives that bring them joy.

available artwork can be viewed at my studio in Calgary by appointment.


Artistic Journey

Creative Visionary Program with Nicholas Wilton
Powerful Design & Personal Color in Cold Wax/Oils with Pamela Caughey
Elements of Visual Language and Monoprint Collage eCourse with Jane Davies

Block Printing Workshop with Charis Birchall at Natalie Gerber Studios in cSPACE (Calgary, AB)
Encaustic 2-Day Workshop with Alicia Tormey (Seattle, WA)
Print Making 1:1 Workshop with Knicki Markolf (Calgary, AB)
Bloom True eCourse with Flora Bowley

Encaustic 1:1 Workshop with Jaya King at Wax Works West (Corralitos,CA)
Encaustic Painting eCourse with Stephanie Hargrave

Encaustic 3-Day Workshop with Nancy Crawford (Ft. Langley, BC)
Encaustic Workshop at R&F Paints (Kingston, NY)
Encaustic Workshop with Tracy Proctor (Calgary, AB)

Acrylic 1:1 with Lori Lukasewich (Calgary, AB)

Various classes at Alberta College of Art & Design (Calgary, AB)

Fine Arts & Graphic Design at Lakeland Community College (Kirtland, OH)